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About us

Anthony M. Abraham, Esq, PC is a securities s arbitration law firm which represents investors nationwide.  Claims against their brokers, broker dealers, investment advisors and financial advisors.

Anthony M. Abraham, Esq., is an attorney who for 40 years has represented persons who have lost their  funds when their brokerage mishandled accounts. Anthony M. Abraham, Esq., PC has provided  representation for investors who are victims of financial fraud, negligence and unsuitable investments.

The process of filing a securities law claim is complicated. Anthony M. Abraham will see that your interests are protected.  We combines sophistication and skills with detailed client services.

Anthony M. Abraham provides  personal attention your case. The  values upheld by the firm are ferocity,  attorney accessibility, integrity, and passion.

Anthony M. Abraham is dedicated to obtaining the results.

Your No Cost Consultation is: 445 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022, (212) 829 9566  or TheTopLawyer@aol.com.

Securities fraud, also known as stock fraud and investment fraud, is a deceptive practice in the stock or commodities markets that induces investors to make purchase or sale decisions on the basis of false information, frequently resulting in losses, in violation of securities laws. Offers of risky investment opportunities to investors who are unable to evaluate risk adequately and cannot afford loss of capital is a central problem. Securities fraud can also include outright theft from investors (embezzlement by stockbrokers), stock manipulation, misstatements on a public company’s financial reports, and lying to corporate auditors. The term encompasses a wide range of other actions, including insider trading, front running and other illegal acts. “Broker fraud” includes theft, lying and deceit, but it also includes other types of wrongdoing, such as churning, unauthorized transactions, unsuitable investments and other acts of greed, incompetence and negligence by stockbrokers, financial planners and others in the securities industry.

The firm can quickly determine the merits of a potential claim. Anthony M. Abraham Law works on a contingency fee basis, and  pursues claims when we believe there is a likelihood of recovery.

The firm  works on a contingency when filing arbitration claims.

Anthony M. Abraham prosecutes claims at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), as well as through State and Federal Courts of various jurisdictions.

The firm delivers nationwide securities law representation to investors.

We are dedicated to assisting investors to recover losses suffered by unsuitability, over-concentration, fraud, misrepresentation,  unauthorized trading or other wrongful acts.

Anthony M. Abraham, Esq., PC was founded by  Anthony M. Abraham. Anthony M. Abraham has extensive experience in the areas of securities arbitration and trials and mediations.

Anthony M. Abraham is admitted to the State Bars of York and Florida in 1982 and 1988 respectively.